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Trophy Buck Hunt


Trophy Hunts are typically a 3-night stay (Thursday evening arrival, Sunday departure). The client will have up to 2 1/2 days of hunting, with the final hunt Sunday morning.


The base hunt fee is $1,500.00 per person.  The cost of a successful harvest will be $1500 + the rate associated with the Boone & Crockett Score of your deer + gratuity for your Guide(s).  If you do not harvest your buck, your cost will be cabin rate + gratuity for your Guide(s).  

Boone & Crockett Rates

Class         Price
130-139            $3,000
140-149            $4,550
150-159            $5,550
160-169            $6,550
170-179            $7,550
180-189            $8,550
Class         Price 
190-199            $9,550
200-209          $10,000
210-219            $12,000
220 – 229         $14,000
230 or above   Available and POR

Wounded game will be considered harvested game, and will be paid for in full by the hunter. All efforts will be made by ranch staff to retrieve the animal and return it to the hunter.

Your deer will be transported to the skinning station, field dressed and delivered to the cabins by your guide.

Taxidermy and game processing arrangements can be made for an additional fee.

The client must provide coolers for the transportation of meat.

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